Water Damage Restoration

When water damage has destroyed your bathroom restoration becomes your number one priority. EZ Pro can make any bathroom as good as new—or even better than it was before!

It doesn’t matter if the water damage came from a leaky pipe, a broken shower, or a natural disaster like flooding. We have the skills to make repairs.

We also know you’d like to get back to using your bathroom ASAP, so we work fast.

Often, water damage restoration will require us to rip out the existing fixtures, cabinets, showers, and more. Why not replace them with something you’ll really love, since you have to replace them anyway?

Show us what your ideal bathroom would look like. We’ll create a 3D drawing to visualize the space. Then we’ll get to work.

You’ll get more than a repair or a restoration. You’ll get a brand new bathroom, a spa-like space where you can unwind after a long, hard day.

Get Your Bathroom Back

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