Grab Bars & Shower Seating
Safe Showering. Grab Bars and Seating.

Everyone could stand to be a little safer in the bathroom, especially those of us who need a little help getting around from time to time. Most homes can benefit from these features, even if safety isn’t your biggest concern today. You may have guests who can use these features, for example. And if you plan to stay in your beautiful home until your golden years it’s nice to know you’ll have a bathroom which will grow with you.

Style, Meet Safety.
Grab bars don’t have to transform your bathroom into something that belongs in a hospital. In fact, we’ve got multiple techniques for working them right into the décor, seamlessly integrating them into the overall look and feel of your bathroom space. We’ve got plenty of styles and colors to choose from, both in bars and benches. Benches have many lifestyle options too – choose a folding bench that goes away when you don’t need it, or choose block shower seating that’s tiled over and which maintains the integrity of the space.

ADA Compliant
We offer accessibility features made by top brands like Moen and Kohler, which means every piece that we use is ADA compliant. This means that you can feel confident they won’t move, shift, or offer any sudden surprises. Each grab bar is just as strong as any public grab bar might be.

It’s about quality. It’s about peace of mind. And it’s about building a bathroom that fits your lifestyle—today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

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