Lose The Laminate And Switch To Granite.

Adding granite countertops to your bathroom is one of the fastest ways to update it while adding a touch of durability and class. Builders just love laminate and other cheap bathroom countertop materials, but they don’t do much for the décor.

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Granite countertops are time-honored, classic, and classy. Each of our granite countertops come from top brands, so they’re properly sealed and ready to work. There are plenty of choices—there are over 20 varieties of granite available, and we’re happy to use the one you prefer.

The Eco-Friendly Option
It’s harder to get more “green” than granite. Granite is a natural, unaltered material that’s simply shaped to fit your countertop needs. No harsh chemicals, no toxic byproducts. Just a natural beauty you’ll feel proud to show off to your family members and guests.

Damage Resistant
Granite is difficult to damage. It’s impervious to water, which means it’s a great choice for an environment where it’s likely to get wet, like a bathroom. In a bathroom a granite countertop isn’t likely to stain either (granite stains, primarily, when someone leaves an oily spill on it for a very, very long time). The only care a granite countertop truly needs is the kind of routine cleaning you’re giving your old countertops right now. However, you might simply be inspired to give them a little more TLC…when something looks this nice, it’s hard not to want to give it plenty of care.

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It’s all about you! Are you looking for a simple path to remodel your bathroom? It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to decide from hundreds of options and products.

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