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EZ Pro Bathroom Remodeling is a Cary, NC company serving the Triangle Area, including Raleigh, Morrisville, Apex and more. Not sure if you’re part of our service area? Call us: 919-518-5763!

Ken Rabideau

Ken Rabideau has been remodeling bathrooms for over 10 years. He has an Engineering Degree and loves remodeling bathrooms. He views it as the most complicated room in the house and has spent years perfecting the EZPro process to make the remodeling process as easy for our customers as possible. Ken is also an avid hockey fan and can be found at the PNC Arena anytime the Hurricanes are in town.

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Jen Mitchell

Jen Mitchell is owner and lead designer. Originally from California, she moved here over 15 years ago and has been designing breath-taking bathrooms for over 6 years. Our customers look to Jen and the rest of the design team for suggestions on bathroom layout, color coordination and exceptional design ideas! Look in our photo gallery for some examples of bathrooms she and the team have designed.

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Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer is a licensed general contractor. He has an Accounting Degree and business background. He has done new construction builds, full home renovations and now focuses on helping to deliver breath-taking bathrooms to our expanding customer base. He enjoys spending time with his family and volunteer work in the community.

Happy Customers

Ken Rabideau has been in the bathroom remodeling business for 8 years, though he’d been in business for 17 years before then. He also has a degree in Engineering, so when it came time to remodel his own bathroom he thought…how hard can it be?

Needless to say, Ken was in for a big surprise! Remodeling a bathroom takes plenty of skills, patience, and a talent for coordination. He also got some surprises when it came to navigating the dizzying array of material selections, brands, and styles that are available.

Ken got to thinking. There’s got to be an easier way... He sat down and used his engineering skills to create a process—a process that could be applied to any bathroom. The goal? Faster remodeling jobs, fewer headaches, and a seamless, enjoyable experience for customers. In short? Remodeling the “EZ” way.

8 years later, we’re proud to say Ken succeeded. Every day we create awesome bathrooms. We do it in record time, and with minimal hassle. Call us to discover how to get your own beautiful bathroom. You could be relaxing in your dream bathroom in as little as thirty days!

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