Plumbing Fixtures
Ready for a New Look?

Is your bathroom looking a little tired? Your plumbing fixtures might well be the culprit. Plumbing fixtures like faucets, sinks, and showerheads undergo fashions and trends just like clothing does. If you hate your bathroom it might be because it’s wandering around in the equivalent of jelly shoes or leisure suits. Fortunately, we’ve got some of the hottest trends at our fingertips—and when you call us, they’ll be at your fingertips, too.

Gleaming Faucets
Choose a faucet which truly fits the look you’re trying to achieve. Try a bamboo faucet for an Asian-themed bathroom, or polished brass faucets with narrow, elegant lines in order to complete a vintage-themed bathroom. Faucets are a great place to flex your creativity. There are plenty of ways to use them in order to create a truly unique look.

Stylish Sinks
Sinks are another great place to set your bathroom apart. Bowl sinks are still very popular, though there are an endless variety of styles. Want a good, deep sink? We can add those, as well. And you don’t have to stick with basic white. There are plenty of sink finishes and colors to choose from.

Clog-free Toilets

Sick of spending quality time with the plunger? There are toilets out there which are capable of flushing multiple golf balls thanks to gravity and pressure assist technology. They are virtually clog-free. Many can now save water without sacrificing flush power. Toilets also come in a variety of colors and styles—you don’t have to live with a boring toilet, either!

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