We Believe in the Breathtaking Moments of Life…

Breath Taking Moment The Beach

Do you remember the first time you walked over the dunes on a Carolina Beach? The ocean air enveloping you in its moist, salty embrace. Your toes sinking into the white, soft sand. The reflection of the sun on the water warming your skin and kissing your cheeks. You can feel the deeply anticipated sigh of relaxation wash over your body.

Breath Taking Moment I Love You
The day the little, precious person that you created peers into your eyes and says I love you Mommy. Their big eyes looking up for reassurance. You’re looking back at this little version of you and your heart just melts with love.

Breath Taking Moment Roller Coaster

The clack, clack, clack of your first Roller Coaster Ride. You’re fastened into your seat. Your heart beating in anticipation as you climb higher and higher. The metal clanking thrumming beneath you. You grip the handle bar tighter as you get to the very top and whoosh you’re now feeling the exhilarating rush of falling down this man made mountain.

We build breathtaking bathrooms. Imagine experiencing that breathtaking moment every time you walk into your bathroom. Everything we do is about you and your new bathroom.

How We Do What We Do...

High quality people are our most valuable asset

Great Design

Constant and Never-ending Improvement

High-Quality Standards

Efficient Schedules

A Turn-Key Approach to Bath Remodeling

Because we only do bathrooms, we’re able to provide our customers with fast, professional, high-quality bath remodeling in Cary, NC. Contact EZ Pro today if your bathroom is tired, stale, or unable to meet your needs. Remodeling doesn’t have to be an intimidating ordeal. We listen so we can discover your needs, likes, and dislikes. Then, we use 3D design technology to build your vision. Once you approve the concept you’ll receive a new bathroom in about 4 weeks – one that matches the drawing.

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