Wallpaper Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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Does your bathroom look like a refugee from the disco era? Our popcorn ceiling removal and wallpaper removal services can help. Back then, popcorn ceilings and loud wallpaper choices were all the rage. Many homes built during the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s share these features.

Replace loud, ugly wallpaper.
Replace loud, ugly wallpaper with a smooth, beautiful Sherwin-Williams paint job. Replace the popcorn ceiling with something new and elegant, something which serves the look and feel of the bathroom you want today.If we need to move a wall or damage the existing drywall to get the job done then we will repair and replace that wall before we leave. We will never tell you the job is done while a gaping hole sits in your wall.

Though we usually do far more, combining this service with all of our other ones, in many cases these two updates are all that is required to give a bathroom a fresh, new look. With the popcorn gone we can even paint the ceiling, giving you some additional style options. You’ll find your new ceiling is far easier to keep clean, as well. If your bathroom has started to look dingy removing the popcorn ceiling may well be the best place to start.

Though there are many “DIY” articles online which explain how to remove a popcorn ceiling it’s always best to allow a pro to do it. Since these ceilings were popular in earlier decades they often contain asbestos. You’ll want to leave the job to professionals who know how to take care of this issue safely rather than endangering yourself. It also takes a ton of elbow grease—you’d probably rather be doing other things with your day.

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