Add A Touch Of Class With Custom Glass.

There’s just something different about a bathroom that has a permanent glass shower door. Taking a shower becomes something luxurious and memorable instead of just another part of your morning. Our glass enclosures make each bathroom we work on more beautiful and more functional.

Adding a shower enclosure is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home. And once you’ve taken advantage of our custom tile shower solutions, a flimsy plastic curtain just won’t get the job done anymore.

Escape the Curtain
You’ll never have to fight with a cheap, flimsy shower curtain again. Our enclosures look better and do a better job of keeping the water where it belongs—splashing against the tiles and flowing down the drain, instead of on your floor.

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It’s all about you! Are you looking for a simple path to remodel your bathroom? It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to decide from hundreds of options and products.

At Ez Pro Custom we believe remodeling a bathroom should be simple, stress-free and professional.