Complete, Turn-Key Bathroom Remodeling

A Traditional Remodeling Company

You have to deal with complicated schedules, multiple contractors, and months of hassle. The EZ Pro process has been designed to deliver awesome bathroom remodeling services while eliminating all those headaches.

We’ll handle it all throughout the remodeling process—the tile work, the electrical work, the plumbing work, the fixtures and the features. We do it all very quickly, usually within 2-4 weeks, using a proprietary process which allows us to maintain top-notch quality. Tell us all about the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of!

You can take advantage of a few of our services, or you can take advantage of all of them. We’ll work with you to create a 3D drawing of your dream bathroom. You tell us what you love; we’ll make recommendations.

And by the time your bathroom remodeling work is done, every feature and fixture will be firmly in place. You can step into your new bath or shower and crank up the hot water the moment we leave your house. Tranquility and beauty are only a phone call away. Get a quote today.

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Types Of Services

A stylish, customized shower enclosure will transform your bathroom, transforming it into a breathtaking, unique room. We also have customized shower solutions for people with mobility issues, since we can design them to allow wheelchairs or walkers to fit right into the space.

Beautiful customized showers in a variety of color combinations and styles. Updated tiles take bathrooms from ordinary to extraordinary. Invoke the bathhouses of ancient Rome or give your bathroom a more modern feel.

Most standard bathroom cabinets don’t come with enough storage. You are lucky to get a single drawer that works, which means cramming all of your bathroom supplies into your medicine cabinet, or in the single cabinet under the sink. Bathroom vanities give you multiple cabinets, shelves, and drawers to work with while expanding your counter surface, giving you more space to work with your toiletries as you get ready for the day.

Get rid of those generic cultured marble countertops. Replace them with beautiful, long-lasting granite countertops. Granite comes in a variety of colors capable of suiting every taste, and is a fast upgrade that we can make to update the look and feel of your bathroom.

Add swivel mirrors and get rid of that big boring plate mirror. Create a warm, inviting environment with soft, romantic track lighting. Add accent lights, or create a layered light look. Mirrors and lighting work together to create a dreamy bathroom space.

Are you cramming yourself into a standard tiny tub? Treat yourself with a relaxing garden tub or an invigorating whirlpool tub. Submerge yourself into a deep claw foot tub. We’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Make your bathroom safer and more accessible. Firm, sturdy grab bars and comfortable shower seating offers a useful bathroom space that can serve anyone in your household.

Don’t keep staring at the same cheap, outdated shower heads and faucets. Get rid of that hideous toilet from the 1970s that the previous homeowner loved so much. Choose from our catalogue of top brands to instantly revitalize your bathroom.

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