Shimmer & Shine. With New Lighting & Mirrors

Details count, which is why we pay close attention to the quality of your bathroom lighting and mirror systems. They work together to form a palette of light and shadow around your bathroom, and determine how comfortable you’ll be as you get ready for your day or soak away the blues.

These changes make a big impact on the bathroom without making a big impact on the bottom line. And we’ve got plenty of options, too.

Say goodbye to harsh bathroom lighting.

That harsh fluorescent lighting which comes standard in most bathrooms? It’s unpleasant. It’s hard on the eyes. Nobody looks good while standing under it. It’s like trying to relax in your cubicle at work. You just can’t do it.

Recent trends in bathroom lighting offer an array of options. Sunny and bright. Romantic and warm. Modern. Trendy. Each and every option offers light to live by—light that suits your lifestyle.

Make the most of mirrors.

Mirrors aren’t just a place to fiddle with your hair. They’re a great way to expand the apparent size of your bathroom. They help your bathroom look bright and welcoming. But those big plane mirrors are just that…big plain mirrors.

Try pivot mirrors for maximum control, or shadow box mirrors for extra space. We’ve got plenty of mirrors to choose from, and can help you choose a new mirror based on your lifestyle and your daily routine. At EZ Pro Bath, we believe mirrors should be more than functional. They should be elegant and inspiring, too.

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