Custom Tile Showers With Personality

Custom Tile Showers

You never have to live with a boring, cramped, run-of-the-mill shower ever again. You don’t have to step over the thick rim of a bathtub either—a good thing, since for some of our customers, that big wet step represents a safety hazard. You just walk right into our custom tile showers, close the door behind you, and let the hot water flow over your back. Or take a light quick step over the rim of our custom shower pans, built close to the floor.

Express Yourself

You’ve got choices. Lots of choices. Tiles inspired by the bathhouses of ancient Rome. Whimsical tiles in nautical colors. Designs that will make you feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel or an expensive spa without forcing you to leave your home.

We’ll help you fit your selections into an overall bathroom theme so that the entire room offers a seamless experience.

Create an Accessible Space

While we’re retiling your shower you might think about adding block seating, or widening your shower space to make it big enough for a wheelchair. Young couples also often enjoy a shower space built for two, which can often be accomplished by ripping out the bathtub and creating a full shower room, or “wet room.”

Your options are literally limitless. By the time we’re done you’ll be able to say, “Wow, this is awesome,” every time you step into your bathroom! Quick showers might just be a thing of the past—you might want to stick around and enjoy the luxury!

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